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The Walking Dead mid-season finale

How our heroes have been left like that to wallow in the mire, I’ll never know. (Sorry, I’ve only just seen it) Sweet Lord, the mayhem! The carnage! The chaos!

I can’t wait for February


Just another zombie flick ..

..or so I thought.

I finally managed to watch World War Z yesterday. I know, I know, it’s been out a long time! But anyway.

This one was actually pretty good, and on that I hadn’t counted. I had seen the trailers, teasers, previews and what not,

and I thought it looked CGI-ish and lame.

And why were the lil critters runnin’?! Zombies are supposed to just kinda walk,

stumble actually. Or sorta draggin’ their feet. Now, however, it all makes a lot more sense. These zombies are like a cross

between the walkers/biters of The Walking Dead and the infectees of I Am Legend. Bloodthirst and speed, yeah!

Oh, and Brad Pitt’s actually doing a decent job in this one. If not cool, calm and collected, he shows admirable restraint and

not too much of the usual shouting. Maybe he just got older ..

World War Z? Thumbs up!

Oh Caryl ..

The Walking Dead is still one of the best tv shows around, imho. Paranoia is emblematic, the scares are genuine and claustrophobia abound. Recently the show, having just started its fourth season, has been taking some flak for boring the customers. Not this customer. Twitching in my seat, I’m thrilled every time. The most recent development was unexpected. Carol turned into ..Daryl. So now she’s ..Caryl?!