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Dark lands: the grim truth behind the ‘Scandinavian miracle’

My home country Denmark, and our Scandinavian brothers, get a seeing-to from an English journalist who actually lives here. It’s true, but not all that.

To take the load off, here’s an endearing image of our prime minister shoveling snow outside her house in Copenhagen.


via The Guardian


A word about hygiene

This Danish dude hasn’t had a bath in 10 years. He doesn’t like it. He washes in stead, and has no problems. Oh, and his dandruff has gone ..


Danske Lars har ikke været i bad i ti år – MX.dk.


This Iranian dude doesn’t wash either. But that’s for other reasons all together ..




Being a big fan of Primal Scream‘s mix of electronic grooves and old-school punkrock, I was so happy to go see their show last night at the “Train” club in Aarhus, Denmark. This was their only show in Denmark on the current tour supporting their excellent album “More Light“. Usually our nation’s capital Copenhagen gets to host the good shows on account of the size of our country/market, but not this time.

The band had some sound problems at the beginning, causing song number two to break down. That notwithstanding, the show was a prime slice of dirty big city rock’n’roll. Even though they got off to a slow start, the band got better and better as the show progressed. Neither too short nor too long – at the end of the show me and my mates didn’t want it to end. Great gig by the Scream!