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Fantastic Photographs of 1980s Berlin

Photographer Chris John Dewitt has made a really great Tumblr with images from Communist-era Berlin. Having been there myself in the early 80s these pics are not only atmospheric and evocative, they are a trip back in time.

Read more over at Dangerous Minds:

Dangerous Minds | Evocative photos from 1980s Berlin


X marks the garage sale: Buy Exene Cervenka’s stuff!

If you’re a fan of American early punk band X and their singer Exene Cervenka, and if you happen to be in L.A., you could head on over to this garage sale today and buy some of her stuff including guitars and various X merchandise and memorabilia.

Read more about it here:

Dangerous Minds | X marks the garage sale: Buy Exene Cervenka’s stuff!

Dark lands: the grim truth behind the ‘Scandinavian miracle’

My home country Denmark, and our Scandinavian brothers, get a seeing-to from an English journalist who actually lives here. It’s true, but not all that.

To take the load off, here’s an endearing image of our prime minister shoveling snow outside her house in Copenhagen.


via The Guardian

Old people from Germany rock!

These old guys n dolls from Essen in Germany had some fun reenacting scenes from famous movies, taking pictures and then producing a calendar that actually sells well!


A German Retirement Community Did A Calendar Where Seniors Amazingly Recreated Famous Movie Scenes via Buzzfeed.